About Me

I am a Software Developer and have experience developing enterprise-level SAAS applications from the ground-up. I have worked on projects that delivered to multiple large international and Fortune 500 businesses who operate in many different sectors such as the software, property, banking and pharmaceutical industries.

I have had a large part in the end-to-end construction of several web applications providing services to thousands of internal and external employee groups. The types of web applications include CMSs, LMSs and analytics dashboards.

Because of this, I have real-world business experience developing in several coding languages, frameworks and libraries, including:

  • PHP
  • Javascript (and JQuery)
  • ASP
  • Zend Framework
  • MySQL
  • NoSQL (Couchbase and MongoDB)
  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • D3.js
  • Express
  • Node
  • Grunt
  • SASS
  • MEAN stack
  • WAMP/LAMP stack
  • SOAP and REST APIs
  • AJAX (JSON and XML)
  • Browser extensions/add-ons ( Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9+)

My degree and early career were around networking and infrastructure. I was later heavily involved in the design and development of software to operate on these platforms. This gives me a greater ability to understand and advise upon the end-to-end implementation of systems from initial conception to final delivery.

Due to my mixed networking and development background I am also adept at advising on the infrastructure upon which software can be hosted in addition to OOD and data architecture.